Anti-bullfighting demonstration in Madrid

Added On May 15, 2017

Tens of thousands of people from all parts of Spain marched through the the Spanish capital of Madrid on Saturday, demanding an end to the tradition of bullfighting.
The march was organized by 17 animal rights organizations.
Protesters held banners saying "Bullfighting is violence and you can stop it".
Demonstrators were angry that the present government has lowered sales tax on tickets to bullfights to 10 percent, while keeping the tax rate at 21 percent for cinema tickets.
They also called for the law to be changed, to make the mistreatment of animals a prison offense.
SOUNDBITE (Spanish):LAURA GONZALO,Spokesperson 
"During San Isidro Festival at least 204 animals will be killed to entertain a few. We think this is not a festival, we think this is an atrocity and a civilized society cannot allow this to happen today.”
"Bullrings can become cultural theatres, those who are killing the bulls have to change their jobs, yes, and those who are taking care of the bulls can breed other animals.”
Bull fighting remains a deeply dividing topic in Spain, with some seeing the event as part of their national identity. 
Organizers of the rally say around 20,000 bulls were killed in 2016 in festivals across Spain.