G7 FinMins pledge to ensure inclusive growth

Added On May 16, 2017

Financial leaders from the Group of Seven (G7) members have concluded their meeting in Italy, pledging to ensure a more inclusive global growth and to use all available means to boost economic recovery.
They also vowed to cooperate more against cyber crime, finance the global anti-terror fight, and promote a fair tax system including digital economy.  
SOUNDBITE: PIER CARLO PADOAN, Italian Finance Minister
"A team of researchers is working on this issue and there are some deliverables that will be discussed in the main event of this G7 later in Taormina, to create a global guideline for cyber security."
The G7 meeting, gathering financial leaders from the world's seven developed economies, ended with the signing of a final communique and three separate documents.
A "Bari Policy Agenda" signed at the meeting would provide an overall framework within which the G7 governments would try to foster a more inclusive growth through such tools.
Meanwhile, financial leaders warned the global recovery would still face various uncertainties.
SoundBite(ENG): STEVEN MNUCHIN, US Finance Minister
"We had very productive discussions with our counterpart, the agreement with China is started in the right direction and we have a plan for a more balanced growth."
However, officials said the G7 meeting did not discuss the risks of protectionism.
SoundBite: MICHEL SAPIN, French Finance Minister
"We have not discussed protectionism, but everyone has underlined the necessity of collective effort to promote Growth."
Besides ministers and governors from the G7, top officials from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund also joined the meeting.