Busy Day For French President

Added On May 16, 2017

French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have laid out their road map for the EU and the eurozone in Berlin during Macron's first international trip as leader of France.

Travelling to the German capital to meet Merkel on Monday, Macron used the opportunity to call for a "historic reconstruction" of Europe.

Their talks, lasting for around an hour, covered some ground-breaking themes like EU-reform.

After, the leaders said they both agree on change pushing through change in the EU, and reforming its treaties.

The move came with the two seeking to reinvigorate both Franco-German ties, and a European project that has been shaken by Brexit.

Macron was sworn in as the eighth French president a day before his visit to Germany.

At home, the new president started to shape his government by appointing relatively little-known lawmaker Edouard Philippe as his prime minister.

Philippe is currently mayor of the northwestern French city of Le Havre and a conservative lawmaker since 2010.

He will take over from Socialist Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve who resigned on May 10 to pave the way for the newcomer.