China increases Cybersecurity

Added On May 17, 2017

China's cyber-space authority has warned computer users to install and upgrade computer security software to avoid ransomware attacks.
According to the Cyberspace Administration of China,  police and various government authorities have taken response measures against a global ransomware attack, and Internet security companies  have also acted to provide increased security services.
It said the spread of the ransomware is ongoing but has now slowed down.
About 18,000 IP addresses in China have been infected with "WannaCry" ransomware, which began to spread worldwide last week.
The ransomware has paralyzed the online payment systems at some petrol stations across China, and also invaded some colleges encrypting papers and other documents.
Once a computer is infected by the ransomware, almost all documents and programs will be encrypted and users are asked to pay to remove the virus.
SOUNDBITE (CHINESE) HU JINKUN, Colledge Official on Cyber-security
"Some of the student's computer were infected by ransomware and their documents were encrypted. The visur asks for Bitcoin payment to unlock those documents. Some of the students are preparing their thesis defence, the virus had caused a lot of troubles to them."
Currently, the cybersecurity industry is not aware of an effective means of decryption.