Nice Carnival in China for first time

Added On May 17, 2017

The Nice Carnival has come to China for the first time. 
Dazzling floats, pulsating music and featuring giant figures offered visitors an authentic experience of the famous French carnival event. 
Pulsating music. Dazzling lights. And giant looming figures. 
The Nice carnival made a spectacular introduction to China on Monday night.
It is the first time the carnival has journeyed out of France, to be held in China. 
Xiamen won the rights to hold this year's event, after shaking hands at the Xiamen (Nice) Tourism Promotion, back in February. 
This year's carnival was named "the King of Energy", highlighting the agreements made at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris. 
The theme puts focus on interpersonal and technological energy, and economic and ecological energy.
The carnival was filled with exotic performances, with actors from five continents forming eight performance groups. 
In all, the light, music and gigantic floats left the onlookers blown away. 
"The Nice Carnival is from France. I like France and hope to travel there. And I am a English major, I have great interest in those parades." 
All the floats were made in France and shipped into Xiamen, taking about half a month. 
The Nice Carnival can be traced back to 1924, and is considered one of the most three famous carnivals in the world.