B&R story of a Kazakhstan scholar

Added On May 17, 2017

13 years ago, Kazakh scholar Ushurova Sofiya came to Xi'an, China to undertake research for her doctorate paper in 2004.
Liking it and finding love, she stayed. 
Sofiya says her life has seen a big change since China proposed the Belt and Road Initiative four years ago.
Sofiya teaches at Xi'an Jiaotong University's law school. Her academic research focuses on the custom law of central Asia countries.
As a professor, as well as a lawyer and counselor, her life is attached to the Belt and Road Initiative, as she works with companies from both China and Kazakhstan.
SOUNDBITE: USHUROVA SOFIYA, Professor, Xi'an Jiaotong University
"In business, China has made great investment in Kazakhstan, many Chinese enterprises have settled there. And a lot of Kazakhstan's brands have come into China. This is a great progress."
Ushurova still remember the days when it took several days travelling from Kazakhstan to Xi'an. 
Now, with direct flights and international cargo trains, people and goods can arrive in just hours.
SOUNDBITE: USHUROVA SOFIYA, Professor, Xi'an Jiaotong University
"It used to take me three days by bus and train from Kazakhstan to Xi'an city. Now with direct flights, it only takes four and half hours.
As of November 2016, 41 international air routes link Xi'an to cities in 18 countries and regions. 
Cargo train services to Central Asia began in 2013 and now they have been extended to Europe. By April, Xi'an had more than 300 cargo trains traveling to central Asia and Europe, carrying 474,000 tons of goods.