Fire-haircut: India's hot new craze

Added On May 18, 2017

If you're scared of getting your hair cut -- you may want to look away now.

Because in the barber shops of New Delhi, capital of India... fire hair cuts are becoming more and more popular.

Let's take a look.

"Fire cut or candle cutting, as it is called in India is quite popular in some parts of the world. And this traditional method of hair cutting is slowly making its presence felt back in India. Although it looks quite intimidating, experts say that its quite safe and it also offers some excellent results."

The "fire-haircut"is an unusual technique which uses fire to cut a customer's hair.

The technique is being carried out a barber shop in New Delhi, India.

Sarfaraaz is a Delhi based lawyer who walked into the salon to get a fire-cut. The barber styles it with two combs while the hair is alight.
"This is my first experience. I never had this experience before. So initially I was a bit scared about this fire cut because I haven't had this haircut. But after I went and got my haircut,I really liked it. And it was very entertaining for me as well. And my hair thickness was very less. So the density is looking very good and I am looking very young now.”

The barber said fire cutting was used as a traditional mode of cutting hair preferred by people who didn’t want to have any scissors applied to their hair.
"The firecut that we did is an old technique. In this modern age, we need some new and exciting experiments so we started using the fire cut technique again. We have been using this at the salon for quite a while now. Fire cutting is very good for nourishing hair that has become thin and lack lustre due to overuse of chemicals. For customers who want a complete organic solution to their hair, who don't want to use any other styling products for their hair, we give them fire cut."

The owner claimed this haircut technique is not dangerous, with 15 customers every day asking specifically for it.