France New Government Announced

Added On May 18, 2017

Now turning to France.

President Macron's office has announced a new government, led by newly-appointed Prime Minister Edouard Philippe.

The line-up was announced on Wednesday, after Emmanuel Macron was sworn in as France's new president.

The new government is a mixture of less well-known figures and mainstream politicians appointed in an effort to end decades of right-left divide.
Socialist Gerard Collomb, mayor of Lyon, was named as interior minister, and centrist politician Francois Bayrou was appointed as head of justice.

Both were supporters of Macron during his election campaign.
From the outgoing Socialist government, only Jean-Yves Le Drian, ex-defense minister and a close ally of former president Francois Hollande stayed in power.

He was appointed to oversee European and foreign affairs.
Right-wing Bruno Le Maire, a pro-European, was chosen as economy minister.

The list, which includes 18 ministers and four junior ministers, contained several female faces.

The appointments deliver on Macron's campaign promise to ensure gender parity.

The final formation of Wednesday's cabinet is still dependent on parliamentary election results next month. These will decide if a coalition is needed to implement the president's reforms.