World Expo Museum in Shanghai

Added On May 19, 2017

Turning to Shanghai...
Where World Expo Museum in Shanghai has opened its doors this month. 
The massive exhibition hall is the only official museum and documentation center in the world entirely dedicated to Expos. 
Lifestyles took a personal tour with the museum's Director...
Generally considered to be the first world's fair, the Great Exhibition of 1851 took place in London.
Four years later, the Expo went to Paris. Since then, Paris held 6 Expos from 1855 to 1937.
In the Paris Holographic Theater, visitors can experience the great changes brought to downtown Paris by the six Expos and explore the influence of these Expos on the urban planning of Paris in 19th and 20th centuries.
SOUNDBITE [Chinese]: LIU XIUHUA, World Expo Museum Director
"The first hall is the beginning of the Expo. There is a holographic theater of Paris, through which visitors can know how the city was transformed by the six expos, dating back from 1855 to 1937; how the city was transformed by the expo on the urban planning, on the landmark building, on the architecture breakthroughs, on the artistic exchange program; how it was transformed into an artistic center and a world tourist attraction."
SOUNDBITE[CHINESE]: LIU XIUHUA, World Expo Museum Director
"Also for the kids, they will be most interested in the 30 groups of exhibits which were printed out by 3D materials, those are the daily use materials maybe. Visitors can see the latest technology exhibits on the Expos. At that time, only Expo can attracted millions or more than tens of million visitors in several months, and that is the greatest platform to promote the latest innovative ideas, the latest technologies, the latest developments of new way of living. For example, the expos showcased the 
telephone, the first washing machine, the different kinds of airplanes.
In hall seven, is the dedication to the exposition which build this park in the first place: Expo 2010 Shanghai. 
SOUNDBITE[CHINESE]: LIU XIUHUA, World Expo Museum Director
"In the expo 2010 story part, I think the most interesting and attractive part is what we called river view at the Qingming Festival, that is the most attractive cinema in Expo 2010. Now the new film telling about the panoramic view about all the architectures attractions in Expo 2010, and many of the attractions on the pavilions."