Expert on Sino-Australian cooperation

Added On May 20, 2017

A leading Australian expert on global infrastructure and development projects has urged Australia to join China's Belt and Road Initiative.
Steve Howard, who attended the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing, gives his view on the initiative.
SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH):STEVE HOWARD,Secretary general of Global Foundation
"My interpretation of the Belt and Road Initiative is that China is offering to connect with the world (delete) and this is something that should be welcomed, encouraged and supported." (0:00:35) "It aims to give peace and security by making sure the countries can receive the food, the goods they need and the resources to secure their future by working together in harmony."
Howard sees the role of the Belt and Road Initiative as more than an economic project based on trade, but as a means of connection.
SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH):STEVE HOWARD,Secretary general of Global Foundation
"I think that we should see the Belt and Road Initiation not just as infrastructure, but as benefits."  
Howard is secretary general of the Global Foundation, an NGO dedicated to research in Sydney.
At the heart of the institute's philosophy is the concept of "Australasian integration."
SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH):STEVE HOWARD,Secretary general of the Global Foundation
"We are called the Global Foundation for a very good reason because Australia has to be an outward-looking, globally orientated nation, a trading nation." "Particularly in the face of protectionist measures in other parts of the world. I would like to see China and Australia work together more closely on the Belt and Road Initiative."