Greek parliament ratifies austerity bill

Added On May 20, 2017

The Greek parliament has approved an austerity bill for new pension cuts and tax hikes through 2020.
It came ahead of Monday's Eurogroup meeting in Brussels to continue vital loan payouts and start talks on debt relief.
The legislation has sparked fierce reactions by opposition parties and trade unions.
It passed with the 153 votes in favor of all MPs of the two-partite ruling coalition.
A total of 281 legislators participated in the roll call vote held Thursday and 19 were absent. 
The bill introduces a fresh round of austerity measures proposed by the Greek government in a bid to close the pending bailout review and secure further aid by international lenders.
During a speech before the plenary shortly before the vote, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said that Greece will exit the memorandum programs in 2018.