Dragon boat festival popular in Indonesia

Added On May 23, 2017

Dragon Boating,a unique mixture of sport and entertainment, was showcased in Indonesia on Saturday, attracting hundreds of spectators at the first Dragon Boat Festival in Jakarta bay.

The Indonesian Rowing Association from China's Guangdong Province organized the inaugural watersport event, drawing 548 participants from 28 rowing teams.

SOUNDBITE (INDONESIAN): QURROTUL AYUN, Organizer (09:04 - 09:23)
"This event amazes us. We have never before known so many rowing communities in companies based in Jakarta. Now, they can find a new place to exercise."

The Dragon Boat Festival was organized across three entry groups: men, women and mixed racing. Margaret Mutia, a mixed-boat participant said she enjoyed the race very much.

SOUNDBITE (INDONESIAN): MARGARET MUTIA, Mixed Class Participant(09:29 - 09:42)
"The event is strongly connected with environmental protection. We have to keep the sea clean and sustainable for this activity. That is why I participate in the race."

The environment activist says her team prepared for the race, training five times a week to get a chance at being the winners.

Visitors were enthralled by the event.

Spectator Dela Meilina says she has never before watched such exciting race.

SOUNDBITE (INDONESIAN): DELA MEILINA, Visitor (09:49 - 10:05) 
"I will come again. Only few Dragon Boat races are held in here. People are enthusiasts. If they organize such event again, I want to watch it."

The Indonesian Rowing Association expects the event will be held annually.

The organizer hopes more rowing teams will participate in the future.