Special Children's Day flight

Added On June 3, 2017

In China a special celebration for International Children’s Day was held on a Xiamen airlines flight. 
Children were allowed to play the parts of the flight attendant and serve the passengers.
SOUNDBITE( Chinese): YAN SIHAN, Little Flight Attendant
"We will bring you back to your childhood. Happy Children’s Day!"
Two small attendants gave out gifts to the passengers, including sweets and traditional toys, as music played in the background.
Passengers were pleased with the gifts, waving them in the air.
Children’s paintings had been fixed onto the sides of the cabin. Xiamen airlines had prepared special children's food for the passengers, such as bread cut in the shape of a penguin, sandwiches made to look like little bears.
The special trip was called the “ Magic Flight”. The airline hoped they could bring the passengers' memory back to their childhoods.
SOUNDBITE (Chinese): ZHANG LONG, Passenger 男
"I am surprised and happy. When I see these toys and food, it really brings me back to my childhood. It is really interesting. "
Zhou Wei, a flight attendant, said that they had prepared the stunt for a long time. 
SOUNDBITE (Chinese): ZHOU WEI, Attendant 女
"We hope the activity can give the passengers a good memory of their childhood. Wish everyone happy Children’s Day. "
China is one of the few countries around the world that celebrates Children's Day. In Latin American countries it is celebrated earlier on April 30.