Xinhua president calls for solidarity, pragmatic cooperation among BRICS media

Added On June 8, 2017

BEIJING, June 8 (Xinhua) -- Xinhua President Cai Mingzhao Thursday called for efforts to enhance solidarity and practical cooperation among BRICS media while delivering a keynote speech at the opening of BRICS Media Forum in Beijing.

Cai said Xinhua will provide 1 million U.S. dollars to establish the BRICS Media Fund for the implementation of the Action Plan to Strengthen Cooperation Among BRICS Media and carrying out pragmatic cooperation, including exchanges of visits, professional training and joint interviews.

The plan was passed at a presidium meeting of the BRICS Media Forum Wednesday and will be released at the end of the forum.

Cai, also executive president of the BRICS Media Forum, said that the participating media organizations all agree to select news stories for the BRICS news reporting award, and continue to hold joint photo exhibitions.

"Xinhua would like to host the first event for selecting BRICS news reporting award winners, and help other BRICS media to prepare the second joint photo exhibition," Cai said.

According to Cai, participating media organizations all agree to actively explore cooperation in areas such as integrative development, video, new media and social media.

Last year, Xinhua established the cooperative and sharing platform "On-Scene Cloud," which can offer its members media content, channels, technologies and other services. "We are willing to open that platform to BRICS media free of charge," he noted.

Cai said Xinhua is willing to provide funding to invite 20 BRICS media reporters every year to visit Chinese media and exchange views with them, and do news reporting in China. Xinhua is also willing to offer strong support for the establishment of the media forum liaison office in terms of capital, personnel, place and other aspects.

The liaison office will listen to the suggestions from the presidium's member institutions in a timely manner, coordinate and communicate well, and organize related important activities, Cai added.