IBF to launch Silk Road Championship Tournament

Added On June 14, 2017

The International Boxing Federation is about to launch the first Silk Road Championship Tournament, creating a new IBF Belt and Road Title.

The first IBF Belt and Road Championship Tournament is due to take place in October 2017 in China. It is planned an IBF B&R Regional Convention will take place alongside. 
The governing body is also aiming to establish an IBF B&R headquarters in China.
Mikhail Denisov, President of Eurasian Boxing Parliament expressed his support for the idea.
SOUNDBITE(RUSSIAN): MIKHAIL DENISOV, President of Eurasian Boxing Parliament
"The 'Silk Road' is absolutely the story of China - an ancient, cultural, highly educated, dynamic  civilization which nowadays has influence in economics, politics, sports -- so its natural that the start to this campaign should be given exactly in China." 
The IBF expects the proposal to draw more talented fighters from the region and give them the opportunity to reach world championship levels. 
SOUNDBITE (RUSSIAN): MIKHAIL DENISOV, President of Eurasian Boxing Parliament
"One should understand that activities of such kind give a huge boost for the development of the professional boxing in Eurasia under the IBF umbrella. It's very important to pick young, gifted, perspective boxers during this tournament, who will have the quickest way to get into the top-15 of the world's leading organization (IBF)."
The Belt and Road involves involves some 65 countries and regions spanning from Asia, Africa and the Middle East, to the Baltics and Europe. 
The aim of the tournament is to promote boxing across the whole region.