Hammond-prosperity Brexit talks priority

Added On June 18, 2017

British Finance Minister Philip Hammond has said London Britain must prioritise prosperity in Brexit talks with the EU that begin next week in Brussels.
Hammond on Friday said the UK "should be protecting jobs, protecting economic growth and protecting prosperity".
The chancellor said Prime Minister Theresa May had set out her desired outcome in her Lancaster House Speech in January.
But he said the UK would take a "pragmatic" approach to talks.
Britain and the European Union will start less than two years of Brexit negotiations on Monday despite May still short of confirming her minority government following her election fiasco.
May's ruling Conservative party is split more than ever between an anti-EU wing that seeks a radical break from the bloc, and moderates who insist on maintaining close trade ties with Europe.
Hammond is widely perceived to be a moderate and his call to prioritise the economy will be interpreted in London as a call for close links and appeased relations with the EU after Brexit.