Children's rights top agenda in Kenya

Added On June 18, 2017

Kenya joined the world to mark International Day of the African Child in its capital Nairobi on Friday. 
Hundreds of children joined in the celebrations, performing song, dance and poems. 
Sub Sahara Africa has the highest rates of children living in extreme poverty. Nearly half do. 
And with 41 percent of the continent under the age of 15, many see their future linked to Africa's.
Soundbite (English): PETER YEGON, Assistant County Commissioner
"This day avails us with an opportunity to take stock of what we have so far done for our children and reflect on what needs to be accomplished to ensure that they develop and attain their full potential. "
In Kenya, about 60% live below the poverty line.
Many lack of basic needs, access to clean drinking water, and are vulnerable to sexual violence. 
In the slum area of Korogocho, the Children's Department said there were more than 1000 children who were victims of sexual violence... a quarter of them being below five years of age. 
Korogocho children explain their plight.  
Soundbite (English):
"I choose to share about education because most of the pupils go to school on a hungry stomach and when the teacher is teaching, they can't concentrate because they will just be thinking about food, and also there is no enough learning materials like text books, you can find like six pupils sharing one text book."
Soundbite (Kiswahili): 
"Many of the children around here are sent to fetch water by the road side here, and some of them are my friends, they drink the dirty contaminated water, after that they get really sick and some die, making it difficult for us children here in Korogocho."
Despite the bleak environment, many are optimistic their lives will one day be better. 
Soundbite (English): 
"I am an African child and African children have dreams and this dreams are going to lead Africa as a continent to greater heights. We are the leaders of tomorrow and if we are not educated we will not be able to succeed, for education is the key to success. "
To help, Kenya has taken several measures to boost children's futures. 
These include free basic education, a school feeding programme, and billions of shillings to support orphans and vulnerable children.