Syrian army declares ceasefire in daraa

Added On June 18, 2017

The Syrian army has announced a 48-hour ceasefire of the battles in the southern province of Daraa as two separate attempts of ceasefire mediation are both underway.
According to the State news agency SANA on Saturday,  the ceasefire comes as part of the Syrian army's support to the "efforts of national reconciliation".
SANA says the cessation of battles went into effect as of 12:00 p.m.  Saturday.
On the same day, the United Nations has announced its attempt to resume another round of peace talks between all involved parties in July in Geneva, and more rounds in August and September.
However, the previous rounds of peace talks brokered by UN since last year had all resulted in limited progress in Syria's reconciliation.
Meanwhile, Russia-proposed reconciliation talks has also been happening in Astana, Kazakhstan since January.
UN and United States all welcomed Syrian army's suspension of fight. US State Department said in a statement that US wishes to see the result rather than words.
The Syrian army and militia militants had beefed up raid in the rebel-held Darra in recent weeks, indicating a major battle in this area to expand their control.