West London tower block fire aftermath AFTERMATH

Added On June 18, 2017

London police on Saturday raised to 58 the number of deaths either confirmed or presumed following the devastating fire at Grenfell Tower.
The area nearby is still shrouded with sorrow and sadness.
On Saturday, people came to mourn in an endless stream. 
The scorched ruin of Grenfell Tower and countless notice for the missing keep retelling this horrible disaster.
The fire at the 24-storey block, from the second floor up, affected all floors of the building. 
At least 30 people have died and 12 people remain in critical care.
Ruth Augustus, who is a Catholic Nun, stays on the scene every day. She keeps comforting heartbroken people and praying for the victims.
"So many people here have lost people they loved. I have never seen such a terrible fire anywhere. I have never seen so much sobbing and crying and sadness and grid in my life anywhere.
I have been spent every day praying the people, giving out food and drink and clothes, and finding accommodations."
The recovery operation at the burnt out block of flats has rusumed.
But public anger is mounting as residents and neighbors demand answers for how the blaze spread so quickly and trapped so many residents.
In a statement after meeting victims of the tragedy in Downing Street, British Prime Minister Theresa May admitted that support for families in the "initial hours" was "not good enough".