Driverless subway line starts test run

Added On June 19, 2017

Beijing's first driverless subway line has started test runs.
It is expected to start service by the end of 2017.
China Report has the details.
The Yanfang line will serve the southwestern suburb Fangshan.
This is also the first domestically developed automated subway on the mainland.
SOUNDBITE(CHINESE) WANG DAOMIN, Beijing MTR Construction Administration Corp.
"The full-automatic subway means no human resources will be involved in the operation of the trains. The whole process will be finished under established procedures."
Maximum speed on the line will be 80 km per hour, and the trains can contain more than 1,200 passengers.
SOUNDBITE(CHINESE) SUN QINGBIN, China Railway Electrification Bureau Group
"There are back-up systems to insure the safety of the driverless subway line. If one set of the systems goes wrong, the back-up system will be launched immediately."
By 2020, the total length of operational rail in the city will exceed 900 km, and rail access will reach all of the city's 16 urban and rural districts.
Driverless trains are planned for more lines, including an express line to the new airport being built in southern Beijing.