Viva Technology 2017 in Paris

Added On June 19, 2017

After a successful first edition in 2016, Viva Technology - the international event focused on innovation and startups - returns to the French capital this June.
Let's take a look
During the three-day event, the public at large could check out all the technology on show for professional visitors.
In the "Hall of Technology," visitors are able to admire over 100 innovations being demoed by creators, from flying drones, 3D printing, and interactive robots.
This is a 'Pepper' humanoid robot, manufactured by SoftBank Group Corp..
SOUNDBITE 1 (French): Visitor
"I played a memory game with it. It makes a joke with us. It's really funny. I'm wondering how it will be used by enterprises in the future."
This robot uses facial projection technology to convey a mixture of personalities. 
And this is a 'RoboThespian' humanoid robot manufactured by Engineered Arts. 
Now in its fourth generation, after more than 6 years of development, he's pretty advanced from the waste up.
He has individual fingers and joints that move and work like humans.
This cute robot named Buddy can interact with humans in two languages: English and French.
Buddy Robot is a family companion robot, which connects with you like a friend and protects your home when you're away.
The robot relies on several different sensors to monitor its surroundings.
There are 3D cameras and embedded tablet, that works as a display and emotion expression of the robot.
SOUNDBITE 2 (English): Product manager of Buddy Robot
"The difference in between now and what is happen at the time with IT is that it will be much faster to go on the market, to be in a mass use, rather than what is being for the computer."