When music meets summer

Added On June 23, 2017

New York embraced the Summer Solstice on Wednesday with a feast of music across the city.
With over 1,000 free outdoor concerts, music lessons and jam sessions took place during the day.
At the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Clarinetist David Rothenberg and guitarist Derek Gripper perform a dawn concert in tandem with birds.
"It's the second time that I've done this project, and it's a great thing to have a one whole day to celebrate music all over the world and in New York. And what a better place to start this than a beautiful dawn at the botanical garden with all these great birds here?"
Rotheburg says he spends a lot of time thinking about making music with birds and other animals.
"Birds are making music, to understand what they are doing, the best thing to do is to play along with them, to share this kind of musical knowledge, because in a way we don't even know what human music means, we know it's important, we can't translate it to other things, why is that human musicians all over the world, whatever language they speak, can get together and make music together."
Music knows no boundaries, and that's the message Dan Emery wants to send. 
He and his fellows at the guitar school hold a celebration of "peace songs" at the Union Square.
SOUNDBITE: DAN EMERY, Guitar school teacher
"Make Music in New York, today on the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, over 1,000 concerts are taking place all over New York City. There is a cellphone concert, there is a piano concert, and right there, we are having a bunch of people here to play folk songs in the park, this is a guitar concert, one of the 1,000 events. This is awesome, this is a great day to have all of these different people come, just hanging out, have a good time and make some good music."
The events in New York are part of the Make Music Day celebrations, which this year features more than 60 cities in 4,000 different events across the country.