HK public attitudes towards income redistribution

Added On June 29, 2017

A new survey shows nearly 70% of Hong Kong citizens are in support of higher taxes on the wealthy.  
It also showed younger people are more in favour of redistribution.
The survey, conducted by the Education University of Hong Kong involved over 1,000 randomly selected Hong Kong adults. 
They were asked to express their attitudes towards income redistribution and social policy in Hong Kong. 
It showed that the younger generation is more conscious than their elders of fairness and were more open to redistributing wealth in society. 
The young also have higher expectations of the government eradicating inequality and bridging the wealth gap. 
Dr Alfred Wu Muluan who led the study, warns that he sees the wealth gap in Hong Kong further widening due to an aging population. 
He recommends that the government should review the tax system as soon as possible, and look to introduce measures to redistribute from the wealthy.
He suggests: increasing the corporate profit tax rate, reintroduction of the estate duty, and the introduction of a capital gains tax.