Spain eyes record year for tourists

Added On July 12, 2017

Spain is already one of the world's most popular tourist destinations.
And with millions of extra visitors arriving so far in 2017, the country is on course for another record year.
68 million people came to Spain for a holiday in 2015 and that figure rose to 75 million last year.
Now Spain is expecting to welcome around 83 million tourists this year, setting a new record and giving another major boost to the economy.
"Everyone who comes to Spain, or the majority, are ambassadors for Spain when they return to their countries. They tell their friends, family and workmates about Spain and 82 percent of visitors to Spain say they want to return, so tourists and Chinese tourists help us a lot.
One of the reasons for Spain’s increasing popularity is the disappearance of markets in North Africa due to security issues.
But Spain has improved and diversified its tourist offer, expanding from the traditional beach holiday to rural tourism, cultural tourism, gastronomy and shopping to attract various visitors.
"If we look at the general image for Spain, the variables which stand it out as a tourist destination, is where we have our main strengths.I don’t want to say it hasn’t got other strengths, like social services, public safety which are very important for tourism. But the fact that we have always been important as a tourist destination has a lot to say about how people see us now."
With high season now in full flow, it is set to be another major economy boost for Spain and a busy summer for workers.