Media head: Media co-op boosts China-Russia ties

Added On July 12, 2017

The Deputy chief editor at Tass news agency told CNC in an exclusive interview that media is key to promoting China-Russia ties.
Marat Abulkhatin said that media is key to strengthen ties between Russia and China, adding it is the media's responsibility to inform people about the agreements made between the two sides.
SOUNDBITE(RUSSIAN): MARAT ABULKHATIN, Deputy Chief Editor of Tass News Agency
"People need to be informed of the development of China-Russia relations. These include cooperative projects, investment policies, mutual tourist exchange, development of the cultural links and so on. Any construction or large project that our countries are carrying out means nothing if our people don't know about them. The media plays an especially crucial role here."
Tass News Agency has had strong connections with China's mass media, such as Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, and Guangming Daily.
Abulkhatin said that media cooperation between the two sides allows journalists to inform the public better about Sino-Russian cooperation.
SOUNDBITE (RUSSIAN): MARAT ABULKHATIN, Deputy Chief Editor of Tass News Agency
"Meetings of journalists between the two countries help us to cover [events] together, to inform our subscribers, and to report on the complex processes that are going on in this multisided format of cooperation between Russia and China."
The media cooperation between Russia and China was recently boosted by the BRICS media cooperation forum which took place in Beijing this June.