Staff help pands cool down

Added On July 14, 2017

It's not just people struggling with the summer sun.
Some new panda arrivals in the capital city of southeast China's Fujian province are also feeling the heat.
We caught up with them, as staff help them to cool down.
These pandas are just arriving from Sichuan, and are adjusting to Fuzhou's sweltering 38 degree Celsius temperatures.
To help relieve the summer heat, staff have installed air-conditioners and fans inside pandas' bedrooms.
Outside, they're able to take a shower or bath. 
And for a cool snack, they're fed ice cakes mixed with carrots and apples.
Staff are closely monitoring their health and safety. 
And should the new city sun gets all too much, the pandas even have the option of an out-of-town weekend retreat, up in the cooler eastern suburbs, where the air is said to be a lot more...bearable.