Afghans play for peace

Added On July 15, 2017

For some people, Afghanistan is a war torn country and a breeding ground for terrorist groups.
But a number of Afgan musicians are hoping to change that perception, with a festival that looks to show Afghanistan's softer, more peaceful side.
This year's "Dambora Festival" has attracted around 15,000 people to this picturesque Bamyan.
In 2001, the Taliban blew up two giant Buddhas statues here, sparking worldwide condemnation.
Since then, Afghans have thrown festivals, galas and social activities, in a joyful act of defiance.
The event emphasizes peace, stability, cultural heritages and human civilizations.
This year is bigger than ever, and singers have flocked here, from across the country, to show off their talents.
 "It was a big event that could bring together thousands of people from across Afghanistan to enjoy the live music and say no to militancy and conflicts."
With support from the Chinese embassy, UNESCO and the Bamyan government, organizers say the event aims to encourage cultural heritages, support artists and promote the local tourism industry.
The five day gala is named after the Dambora, a guitar-like music instrument that is popular with Aghan folk musicians. 
As well as music, residents have thrown a handicrafts fair, showing off local homemade products.
Abdul Karim, says he hopes the event can change poeple's minds about his country.
"In fact, we Afghans are peace-loving and holding such a grand music party with the participation of thousands of people is a proof to the fact."