Macron,Trump mark france's bastille day

Added On July 15, 2017

French President Emmanuel Macron and U.S. President Donald Trump watched a military parade on Friday in Paris, marking France's national day.
World News takes you there.
Macron celebrated his first-ever Bastille Day, or French National Day, as President on Friday.
The day also marked the centenary of the United States entering World War I.
Alongside him was guest of honor U.S. President Donald Trump,who together presided over a grand military parade down the Champs Elysees Avenue.
Some 3,720 soldiers took part, including 211 armored vehicles and 241 horses, while 92 jets and helicopters flew overhead.
French and US fighter jets, opened the annual parade with a joint air show, symbolizing the two countries' military cooperation.
The parade also featured French and American troops marching down the fabled Champs-Elysees. U.S. troops dressed in the brown uniform in memory of the Great War.
Macron told the gathering on Friday that Washington remains Paris' strategic ally.
"We have found reliable allies, friends, who came to our rescue; the United States of America is one of them. The presence of President Donald Trump and his wife is a sign of a friendship that goes through time and I want to thank them for the choice made 100 years ago."
Trump thanked Macron for the invitation to the celebrations on Twitter after his departure.
The U.S. President stressed the historic significance of Bastille Day and noted the deep-rooted ties between Paris and Washington.
After the parade, the French president joined a commemoration in the southern city of Nice to honor those killed this time last year, when a man drove a truck at a crowd celebrating the Bastille Day.
86 people died in the incident, and 458 were injured.