Animal DNA library

Added On July 16, 2017

An Argentinian museum is helping build a library containing DNA of the world's species.
Lifestyles went to take a look.
The project is called the International Barcode of Life, and it is gathering together the DNA barcodes of 5 million specimens, from at least 500,000 species.
SOUNDBITE:PABLO TUBARO, Director, Museum of Natural Sciences
"The international project aims to create reference libraries with the genetic sequences that will allow us to identify all of the species on the planet."
The project spans 26 countries. 
In Latin America: Argentina, Brazil and Mexico serve as regional hubs for the project, developing reference libraries for regional specimens and helping other countries in the region do the same.
SOUNDBITE:PABLO TUBARO, Director, Museum of Natural Sciences 
"The genetic barcodes will allow us to discover new species, for example, when a bar code does not correspond to any of the ones in the reference library.  In addition, regarding already known species, it can lead to solving problems taxonomists face in linking the males and females of the same species when they are very different morphologically, making it impossible to figure out that they have the same biological identity."
Among the central nodes of the project are Canada, as well as the United States, European Union and China, countries with the most technological development and capacity for analysis.
Argentina has made significant headway in the project, becoming the sixth country with the largest number of genetic barcodes already created for the general library.