Blair-Britain can still remain in EU

Added On July 17, 2017

Former British prime minister Tony Blair said Saturday that Britain could remain in the European Union (EU), despite its Brexit referendum vote.
In his biggest intervention yet in the Brexit saga, Blair has outlined his views in an article for his Institute for Global Change. This was followed by a series of high-profile media interviews.
Blair, a strong supporter of Britain remaining with the EU, said "It is absolutely necessary that it doesn't happen". 
According to media reports, Blair said EU leaders would be willing to change their rules on immigration and free movement to enable Britain to stay in the 28-nation trading and economic bloc, but declined to name which leaders he was referring to. 
The former British prime minister said in interviews that the option of reversing Brexit must be kept on the table, claiming large numbers of the population do not back a so-called hard exit of the EU.
Blair urged a proper debate over the different options, including remaining in a reformed EU.
Blair served as British prime minister for 10 years from 1997, winning a landslide victory that kept the Labour government in power for years.