Tour of Qinghai lake cycling race starts

Added On July 17, 2017

The 16th Tour of Qinghai Lake cycling race has kicked off on Saturday in Haidong City, northwest China's Qinghai Province. 
Since 2002, Qinghai Lake cycling race has grown to become Asia's top road cycling race, and the largest in the world. 
With the spirit of "green, humanity, harmony", this year the event has attracted nearly 200 professional cyclists from home and abroad.
"This race has been running 15 years already. It has winners from more than ten different nations. So It‘s a real global race."
The race, which has become a festival for local people and national cycling fans, gets special attention for its distinctive geographical features, mystery customs and diverse cultures. 
The race is to be contested across Qinghai, Gansu and Ningxia from July 16 to 29 over 13 stages, with a total distance of 3347km.