Israel partly reopens AL-Aqsa mosque

Added On July 17, 2017

Israel has partially reopened a holy site in Jerusalem following a deadly shooting attack on Friday.
The reopening took place under heavy police surveillance.
Let's take a look.
Israel reopened the al-Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem  on Sunday. 
Authorities said some 200 Muslim worshipers entered the site in the first 30 minutes. 
In the initial reopening, only residents of Jerusalem, including East Jerusalem, would be allowed to enter. 
Officials said the only entrance allowed is through the Jerusalem's Lions' Gate, where metal detectors have already been installed. More gates are expected to be opened.
But members of Waqf, the Muslim guards of the holy site, condemned the new security checks at the site.
The move follows Friday's shooting attack, when three Arab Israelis opened fire near the Al-Aqsa compound, killing two policemen. The gunmen were subsequently shot and killed by the police.
The shooting  sparked fears of a new wave of violence in the region.
Israel announced on Saturday the compound would be reopened following increased security measures. These include new metal detectors and CCTVs installed on poles covering the entire compound.
The al-Aqsa mosque compound is one of the most sensitive sites in the region. The area is both sacred for Muslims, who revere it as the Noble Sanctuary, and for Jews, who know it as the Temple Mount.