Lebanon hikes taxes to fund wage increase

Added On July 22, 2017

The Lebanese parliament approved raised taxes on Wednesday, to help fund increased wages. 
The vote follows Tuesday's public sector salary scale bill, giving public workers their first payrise for five years. 
The House approved a 7 percent tax rate on bank's profits, inceased value-added-tax by one percent and vowed to uphold fines on maritime public property.
The parliament also approved charging a fee of 5,000 Lebanon Pound, or 3.3 U.S. dollars for each non-Lebanese citizen who enters the country. 
SOUNDBITE: GEORGES ADWAN,Member, Lebanese Forces party
“What we approved on Tuesday was good as we gave the people their rights. What we need to do today is to secure the incomes for the wage scale so that taxes would not affect the middle class people”.
Meanwhile, activists from the civil society, Kataeb party and former members of Armed Forces rallied near the parliament protesting against the tax hike.