My China Story: Suzhou in eyes of foreigners

Added On July 28, 2017

SOUNDBITE(Chinese): KEVINA, Foreign student in Suzhou
"Hello, my name is Kevina. I am twenty years old. I come from France. I came to China in August 2016 to study at Soochow University as an exchange student. My university back in Paris told me that a small city in China called Suzhou is very beautiful and I can study there. So I came to Suzhou. Suzhou is China's Venice. I quite like Suzhou. Suzhou is a tranquil city. Local residents are amusing. I can be easily understood. There is no problem. 
Umbrellas are used in rainy days to shelter yourself from the rain.
It is hard to learn Chinese and it becomes even more difficult as you go deeper into it. Grammar is difficult. Idioms are difficult. Characters are difficult.  But there are always ways to help you master the language. If you are learning a language, you should learn the culture as well. "
Kevina learns Peking Opera and Kun Opera at a community each week. 
SOUNDBITE(Chinese): KEVINA, Foreign student in Suzhou
"(One two three four. Face outwards. Right. Pear flowers blossom, Spring rain impearled. Pear flowers fall, Spring scenaries fade. ) Chinese people might enjoy a slow-paced life. Now as an overseas student, I like to stay in quiet places and do things without any fuss. Many classical gardens in Suzhou are beautiful.  But usually there are a lot of people around.  It is better to be alone. My friends and I have seldom been disturbed by requests for taking photos or chatting, so we just enjoyed our tour. That is great. I am likely to stay in China after graduation. Here, you get lot of attention as a foreigner, but in France, you are just one of the crowd. So I think I may come back to China one day. "
SOUNDBITE(Chinese): ANDY TSENG, Pharmaceutical researcher in Suzhou
"My name is Andy Tseng. (Tseng Junwei) I was born in the United Kingdom and grew up there. I received my bachelor's, master's and doctor's degrees in Britain. "
Andy came to Suzhou in 2013 and joined a newly established biopharmaceutical company. 
SOUNDBITE(Chinese): ANDY TSENG,, Pharmaceutical researcher in Suzhou
"Suzhou is a quite comfortable city to live in. Many companies have developed very fast in the city, I think this position is a great opportunity for me.  I was the first employee of my department. Now there are over 30 people in my department. The pharmaceutical industry in China has a promising future. There are many opportunities that will help accelerate your career development. "
Tseng Junwei leads the R&D of IBI308, which is now China’s cutting-edge tumor immunotherapy medicine.
SOUNDBITE(Chinese): ANDY TSENG,, Pharmaceutical researcher in Suzhou
"If one stays in the U.K. or in the U.S., it is quite normal for him to do experiments in a company until he is in his 40s or 50s. You will not be in charge of a very big team and you won't have such rapid promotion. I have worked in Xinda for nearly four years. If I worked abroad, I suppose, it would take me eight to ten years to make such achievements. In SIP BioBay of Suzhou, the company I work in can cooperate with several companies, many schools and research institutes. In such an environment, if you start a company here, great opportunities and resources will be provided to help you accomplish all you set out to do.  Maybe I will no longer stay in Suzhou after five or ten years. But I am likely to come back after twenty years.  I think Suzhou is a nice city where I lead a quite comfortable life. If I decide to live in China, I will choose to settle down in Suzhou."
SOUNDBITE(English): JOHN JOHNSON, Resident in Suzhou
"My name is John Johnson. I live in Suzhou. We’ve been in Suzhou since 2009. When we lived in Shanghai, we were getting a little busy.  So we got to Suzhou.  We realized that we wanted to stay here. Good morning.  In Suzhou I normally get up quite early. I like to do some exercising. After that I normally take a class in a local kindergarten."
John teaches English voluntarily four days a week in a local kindergarten. 
SOUNDBITE(English): JOHN JOHNSON, Resident in Suzhou
"What I like about Suzhou is the contrasting life here.  In SIP (Suzhou Industrial Park), the architectures are very modern but very beautiful. This is in contrast with the old city.  It is a world heritage site. So you've got this fantastic contrasting between the two parts of the city. My wife also calls me a woodpecker. If I walk around Suzhou, if I see something that is wrong, or the local government have missed out I will take some pictures and report it on the website. I feel that I am helping the Suzhou local government a little bit by do this.  One of the big thing about China for me is the very likeable and easygoing attitude of the Chinese people. Most of the foreigners I know feel the same as me. They do think that Chinese are friendly, very laid-back and it is nice to stay in China."
SOUNDBITE(English): JOHN JOHNSON, Resident in Suzhou 
"(How deep I loved you /How strong emotion within myself/The moon represents my heart) Very good everybody!"