Air China opens commercial office in Cuba

Added On August 7, 2017

China's flagship airline, Air China, opens a commercial office in Cuba to boost tourism cooperation between the two nations and the Caribbean area.
The office aims to facilitate travel between Havana and Beijing through the direct flight.
There have been 156 flights between the two cities since operated in the end of 2015
SOUNDBITE(SPANISH): ZHANG XIN, Air China general manager in Cuba
"The Air China brand has been increasingly popular in Cuba and Caribbean countries. From today, we will offer better service to all passengers with this office."
According to the local official, the cooperation in tourism and air transport will have great potential and good prospects, because Chinese want to know more about Cuba and different Caribbean nations.
SOUNDBITE(SPANISH): CHEN XI, Chinese Ambassador to Cuba
"This direct flight has played an important role in facilitating people to people exchanges between China and Cuba as well as Latin America. In addition, it has greatly contributed to the development of cooperation in different areas. Its success has been due to the great efforts of Air China personnel in Cuba and the contributions of Cuban authorities."
Air China's 20-hour flight to Cuba is the only direct link between China and the Caribbean region.