Wolf warrior 2 heats up box office

Added On August 8, 2017

Chinese action film "Wolf Warrior 2" has leaped into the second place in China's all-time box office sales, surpassing "The Fate of the Furious" on Saturday.

Released on July 27, the film had raked in 410 million U.S. dollars as of Aug. 5.

On saturday alone, almost 60 million U.S. dollars were earned by the film, the third most by a single film on a single day in China.

"I just saw Wolf Warrior 2. I think it is better than its first frame. It used many high-tech special effects and was shot in Africa, which makes it appealing to international audience. The fighting scenes were awesome."

"Wolf Warrior 2" tells the story of a former Chinese Special Forces operative's adventure in Africa's war-torn regions occupied by insurgents and mercenaries to rescue his compatriots and African friends.

According to film database Maoyan, the total revenue of "Wolf Warrior 2" is estimated to reach 565 million U.S. dollars, which will set a new record in the world's largest film market.