Chicago files gov lawsuit

Added On August 8, 2017

Chicago is taking President Donald Trump's immigration policies to court.
It claims the US Government is illegally trying to withdraw public safety grants from the so-called sanctuary city.
Chicago filed its lawsuit on Monday against U.S. Department of Justice, after the Trump Administration threatened to withhold federal funding for state and local law enforcement agencies.
The 46-page lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in Chicago, a day after Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced the litigation and said the city won't "be blackmailed" into changing its values as a welcoming city.
Emanuel said the city would stands firm behind its sanctuary city status.
He argued it's unconstitutional for a city "to be coerced on a policy."
City officials will ask a judge to block conditions that Attorney General Jess Sessions added to the Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant, the top federal funding source for state and local law enforcement agencies. 
The grant, which was expanded by the Obama Administration, brought 2.3 million U.S. dollars to Chicago's law enforcement, some of which was used to purchase body cameras following a string of fatal shootings of unarmed civilians by police.