Sydney int'l boat show

Added On August 9, 2017

For the 50th year, the International Boat Show of Sydney has sailed into town, to display some of the world's most luxurious and expensive superyachts.
Lifestyles grabbed its hat and climbed aboard.
Around 60,000 visitors attended the five-day event, in Sydney's landmark Darling Harbour.
SOUNDBITE: HOWARD GLEN, Sydney Boating Industry Association
"We are have our 50th celebration this year and it's sort of like a new lease on life because we are back at this fantastic new venue. The government has built a world class exhibition center and we've got 35,000 square meters of boats on display...It's extraordinary what's here, 800 boats in the halls and 210 boats in the marina. There is a bit of everything actually and something for every price range."
At the top end of the market, a 68 foot Riviera motor yacht is available for three million dollars.
While more modest boats are on sale for around 30 or 40 thousand.
SOUNDBITE: HOWARD GLEN, Sydney Boating Industry Association
"The super yachts are sort of a class of their own, you have people coming from all over the world to tour the waterways of Sydney up to pittwater and even up to the Barrier Reef. There is quite a big super yacht market now of international jetsetters who come in and want to have a great time."
With one of the world's most stunning waterways, it's no surprise that Sydneysiders love boats.
Contributing around 6.6 billion U.S. dollars to the nation's economy each year, the recreational marine industry is thriving down under.
SOUNDBITE: HOWARD GLEN, Sydney Boating Industry Association
"There is probably about five million people in New South Wales and about two million of them go boating on a regular basis, and Sydney is the most spectacular waterway in New South Wales...You can get into it from so many different points, there are so many people that live around it."