S African President survives no confidence vote

Added On August 9, 2017

South African President Jacob Zuma on Tuesday survived a no confidence motion by secret ballot. 
The event means that Zuma will continue as the ruling African National Congress (ANC) President and that of the country.
Parliament Speaker Baleka Mbete announced that 198 MPs voted against the motion, while 177 voted in favor and nine abstained.
Zuma has survived eight no confidence motion in the past seven years. But this was the first time that a no confidence motion was conducted through secret ballot.
Opposition parties had been pushing for a secret ballot so as to encourage ANC MPs to support the motion.  
The ANC has warned that any of its MPs who support the anti-Zuma no confidence motion risk being disciplined by the party, insisting that removing Zuma from office would not be in the best interest of the country.
Under the Constitution, if Zuma was removed, the whole cabinet would resign, and if no candidate was chosen from MPs within 30 days to succeed Zuma, general elections would be held in 90 days.
Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane vowed to continue the struggle to remove Zuma from office. 
Zuma, 75, is due to step down as head of the ANC in December, and as president before the 2019 general election -- lessening pressure for his party to trigger imminent change.