Syrian army foil IS attack

Added On August 10, 2017

The Syrian army managed to repel a large-scale attack by Islamic State on Wednesday.
The ambush took place in the desert of Homs province, and left 80 IS militants dead or wounded.
According to an anonymous source, Syrian military forces thwarted the IS attack in the eastern countryside of Homs, near the administrative borders of the eastern province of Deir al-Zour. 
Five suicide bombers wearing explosive vests, driving five booby-trapped vehicles carried out the attack. 
The source said the Syrian forces and allied fighters clashed with the attackers, overcoming them, and capturing eight four-wheel drive cars and other vehicles.
Meanwhile in Syrian capital of Damascus, government forces have intensified shelling and rocket fire, targeting al-Qaida-linked militant groups there.
The heavy shelling is said to be the prelude to a wide-scale ground offensive in eastern Damascus.