Corporate cocktails popular in India

Added On August 11, 2017

Cocktails, music, and tasty food. 
That's not the setting for your normal company meeting, but it is for a growing number of Indians, looking for a new place to discuss business.
We went to Goa to find out more.
With more and more corporates choosing bars or pubs to discuss important projects, 'cocktail-conversations' are gaining popularity in India. 
In a bid to beat the 'Monday blues', many  corporates organise it even on the first day of the week in India's party hub of Goa.
"In today's cut-throat competitive world, we are all stressed out. And most us are looking for one or the other stress-busters. People here in India get one when they mix their corporate jobs with cocktails."
A couple of years ago, Kashina and her friends were in search of a place where they could discuss their office-projects while enjoying drinks in a quiet, cool, calm environment.
Unable to find that at work, they insteadcame here: to Cafe Mojo. 
And now, with Kashina planning to set-up her own venture, she can't think of a better place for brainstorming with her friends.
"We have to move from the atmosphere of an office so that the formalities are not there. We can have an informal conversation. You are not stressed (here). It's just nice and relaxed. At the end of the day, it's after work. So anyway, you are winding down. So yeah! it's a great atmosphere here."
"It's slightly different as you don't have music like this in the office. You don't have a few drinks at the office. It is more informal here. So I think it adds to having a good-time and yet (you can) do your work."
The new customers haven't gone unnoticed, and Cafe Mojo are responding with a great discounts for their corporate clients. 
SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH): NEELAM DESHMUKH, Manager-Online Promotions, Cafe Mojo
"They can come and have spend good time with their colleagues and they can have good discount on group bookings or parties or even in the case if they want to have a meeting...that also they can do...That's why we call it corporate and cocktails. It's not exact party but you have some quality time to be spent with good classical retro music."
So next time you're in India wooing clients, or mulling over that new idea, make sure you get down to the nuts and bolts of business while blending it with cocktails.