Europe contaminated egg scandal two arrested in the Netherlands

Added On August 11, 2017

The Dutch public prosecutor has said two people have been arrested in the Netherlands over the ongoing contaminated eggs scandal.
The two suspects are directors of the Dutch company Chickfriend, which is suspected of delivering the illegal pesticide treatment to poultry holders. Their homes have been searched.
The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority leads the investigation on the contaminated eggs, while the public prosecutor leads the criminal investigation, which started in mid-July. 
The finding of Fipronil in Dutch eggs led to a national egg crisis, with millions of eggs being taken out of the supermarkets since the start of August.
Around 180 poultry companies have been closed and millions of chickens killed as a precaution. 
The crisis has also spread to neighbouring countries, with Belgium and Germany removing millions of eggs from their shelves as well.