Nepal To Abolish Ill Custom Against Women

Added On August 12, 2017

Nepal passed new legislation on Wednesday, which punishes those who force women to stay away in a hut during her menstruation. 
The ruling is the latest in Nepal's fight to overturn female discrimination in the country.
The ancient custom is called 'Chaupadi', and it's prevalent in many parts of the country. 
Under these rules, a woman is banished to makeshift houses called 'goth' during her menstruation and postnatal period, in complete isolation from other family members. 
Furthermore, they are not allowed to do any household chores and touch the male family members.
But no more. 
On Wednesday, Nepal's parliament decided that anyone forcing women to follow this practice may get a three-month jail term and/or an about 30 US dollars fine. 
The law is expected to come into effect in a year’s time.
Chhaupadi is widely practiced amongst Hindu women in over a dozen districts in western Nepal. 
Many local people believe that they will suffer from bad luck, illness and natural disasters if women are allowed to live a normal routine life during their monthly periods. 
Every year, a number of women lose their lives due to snake bites, suffocation, smoke inhalation and animal attacks while hiding away.