Kenya'S Kenyatta Wins Re-Election

Added On August 12, 2017

In Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta was officially declared winner of the presidential election on Friday.
But Kenyatta's rival Raila Odinga challenged the vote, saying it is a fraud.
Kenya's Independent Electoral and Boundary Commission says Kenyatta won over 54 percent of the total votes, while Raila Odinga won less than 45.
"I wish to declare Uhuru Kenyatta as President elect and William Ruto as the Deputy President elect. I now wish to present the certificates to President and Deputy President elect."
Kenyatta will be serving his second and final five-year term in office in line with Kenya's constitution.
In his acceptance speech, Kenyatta pledges to unite the country and implement development projects to raise living standards.
"I would like to thank the people of this great and wonderful republic of Kenya for the confidence they have shown in me and my administration, and to them, ours is just a pledge that we shall continue the work we had started and rededicate ourselves even more towards serving this nation and our people. Thank you very much Kenya."
He addresses Odinga of the National Super Alliance, stressing his willingness to build Kenya together.
He also thanks his supporters and the public for maintaining peace during the election.
"Like I said to my worthy competitor especially the right honorable Raila Odinga, I reach out to you. I reach out to all your supporters. I reach out to all elected and now in opposition benches. We shall work together. We shall partner together. We shall grow together. We shall develop this country together and we are there ready to engage to dialogue to discourse together so that we can build this nation together."
Odinga did not attend the announcement of the election results.
The opposition coalition has disputed the election outcome, saying they do not represent Kenyans' true verdict.
Violence erupted in Nairobi, towns in Western Kenya and in Odinga's popular strongholds..
At least seven people have been killed and several others injured.