Contaminated Eggs Found In Europe, Asia

Added On August 12, 2017

The European Commission says eggs tainted with fipronil from European poultry farms have been found in 15 EU countries, Switzerland and Hong Kong.
SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH) DANIEL ROSARIO, European Commission spokesman 
"Based on information received from the rapid alert system, countries in which farms are blocked after being identified to have received treatment with the product containing fipronil are Belgium, the Netherland, Germany and France. And countries that have received contaminated products from the countries that I just mentioned are Sweden, France, United Kingdom, Austria, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Denmark, and as mentioned, there are two non-EU entities that are also part of the rapid alert system, Switzerland and also Hong Kong, who also detected these contaminated eggs."
Millions of eggs have been destroyed or pulled from supermarket shelves across Europe. 
The issue has also sparked a row between Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany about who is responsible.
Fipronil is commonly used to get rid of fleas, lice and ticks from animals.
But it's considered slightly poisonous by the World Health Organization, and is banned on animals destined for consumption.
In large quantities, it can harm people's kidneys, liver and thyroid glands.SIA