China's Internet giants under investigation

Added On August 13, 2017

China's Internet watchdog is investigating three top social media platforms for failing to stop circulation of illegal online content.
Those under investigation are Tencent's Wechat, Sina Weibo and Baidu Tieba.
China's Cyberspace Administration said Friday it has received reports from users that illegal content was being circulated on the social media platforms. 
The content includes pornographic, violent, terrorist and fake news material. 
The illegal content is said to be harmful to China's national security and social order.
The administration said the three platforms are suspected of violating the country's cyber security law, as they failed to stop the information being posted and spread on their platforms.
China's instant messaging app WeChat, Sina Weibo, which is similar to Twitter, and Baidu Tieba, a popular site with 19 million sub-forums, are seen as the three largest communication platforms in China.
The administration will continue to crack down on illegal online content and is asking the public to come forward with any complaints.