NW China fatal bus crash aftermath

Added On August 13, 2017

Now the latest on the bus crash in northwest China's Shaanxi Province.
The accident on Thursday killed at least 36 people and injured 13 others.
Authorities say the injured are being treated in local hospitals. At least seven people are still in a critical condition.
Shaanxi Sengong Hospital is treating six injured passengers. 
A team of experts from the top hospitals in Xi'an, the Shaanxi capital, is responsible for their care.
A vice president of Sengong Hospital says four of the six injured are in a critical condition. Two sustained multiple serious injuries, while another two are undergoing operations.
Xi'an Ji Ren Hospital is treating a further five of those injured, three of whom are in the intensive care unit.
The accident occurred in Ankang city when a coach carrying 49 people hit the wall of the No. 1 Qinling tunnel on the the Beijing-Kunming Expressway.
Mai Xia was one of those injured. She recalled the accident on Thursday night with some emotion.
"I was in asleep when the accident occurred. I saw the seats in the front of the coach were thrown forward and the passengers lying on the floor. Then I saw it had crashed into the wall of the tunnel."
Government authorities have sent work teams to oversee investigation.