More Chinese businesses target global markets

Added On August 13, 2017

Today, an increasing number of Chinese enterprises are targeting global markets, while international companies are hoping to break into China.
To meet demand, Porter Novelli, an International PR and Communications Company, launched China Desk platform in Beijing on Thursday, a joint venture with the China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, 
The platform is aimed at helping Chinese and international businesses build their reputations as they target new markets.
A China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises survey showed about 60% of Chinese Small and Medium companies are attempting international expansion. Overall, the Chinese business going overseas has seen a sharp increase. 
"Chinese companies and Chinese organizations investing across the globe has been incredible. 100 billion dollars have been invested in the United States alone by different organizations from China. I would say the presence of China in the global economic stage is formidable and incredibly inviting with a lot of opportunities." 
Brad says China has made a clear contribution to the world economy. Chinese companies’ overseas investments have led to more jobs, faster advances in manufacturing, and higher living standards globally. 
"Specifically, in the United States, one of the areas of concentration with the new administration and before has been around job growth and job stimulation. What we see when new companies come into the United States that’s the opportunity to create new jobs and create new opportunities for U.S. workers. Many U.S. workers have the types of skills and capabilities that can fulfill these positions and these roles. And so, it lends to our economic growth overall and hopefully also gives Chinese companies the opportunities to grow their businesses." 
China Desk is aiming at working with Chinese companies to strengthen their global reputations and aid their international ventures.
China Desk brings together team of experts from Porter Novelli’s global network, who will provide support across four key areas. These include international ventures assessments, go-to-market and brand messaging, and reputation management and crisis simulation.