Nanjing Massacre:history can not be forgotten

Added On August 13, 2017

The Nanjing Massacre was one of the world's worst chapters in the modern era.
Survivors of the slaughter have never forgotten what they saw. 
Today LIFESTYLES tells you a story about one of them.
The faces of the survivors are a powerful reminder to never forget the slaughter in 1937. 
They watched soldiers and their families mercilessly killed in World War II.
Yao Xiuying is one of them.
She said she lived with her family near Zhonghua Gate in Nanjing. 
One day in December, the Japanese army attacked the area and the whole family hid in an air-raid shelter. 
Unfortunately, it was found, and the people hidden there were swept by machine guns.
Miraculously she survived.
SOUNDBITE: YAO XIUYING, Survivor of Nanjing Massacre 
"After the Japanese army left, my father and some other people hidden behind the door rushed out and he dragged me out of the corpses. I was petrified as I saw Japanese and their machine guns."
Nanjing, the former capital of Nationalist China, was invaded in 1937.
The invading Japanese military brutally killed up to 300,000 Chinese civilians and unarmed soldiers. 
Sometimes the Nanjing Massacre is referred to as the Rape of Nanjing because of the thousands of women who were raped by Japanese soldiers. 
SOUNDBITE: YAO XIUYING, Survivor of Nanjing Massacre 
"Women were taken as 'comfort women' for the Japanese soldiers. My grandmother who was over 50 years old and others smeared the face with ashes to protect them far away from Japanese rape. But some younger ones were killed after being raped."
For Yao Xiuying, the horrific experience robbed her childhood.
She said the history cannot be forgotten. 
If she has one message to the people of today, it's to cherish a peaceful life.