Trump to decide on China trade probe

Added On August 13, 2017

U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday will direct the U.S. trade representative on a possible investigation into China's trade practices.
The move is raising concerns the U.S. could take unilateral measures that could damage China-U.S. trade and economic ties.
U.S. Trade Representative officials are to consider a probe into China's trade practices under the Trade Act.
But they have not stated when the USTR's decision would be made.
If officials decide to open an investigation, the U.S. would first consult with China and the process could take as long as a year.
The Trade Act's Section 301 allows the U.S. president to unilaterally impose tariffs and other trade restrictions against foreign countries.
But the U.S. has rarely used the trade law since the World Trade Organization was set up in 1995.
China's Ministry of Commerce has stressed the importance of China-U.S. trade ties and urged U.S. authorities to follow WTO rules in its trade measures.
The Ministry said China and the U.S. will move forward on bilateral trade and economic relations within the framework of win-win cooperation. 
The Ministry added the two sides would resolve differences "through dialogues and consultations."